Feature Request: Restaurants Menu Custom Layout Settings

Feature Request: Restaurants Menu Custom Layout Settings

Is it possible to set a standard for individual menus in square for restaurants? For instance whenever I add an item to a menu (say draft beer) it gets added at the bottom and with a small tile. Then I have to go manually and edit the POS layout to change that item to wide and reorder the menu. It would be great if I could set that menu to always have wide tiles and be set on "menu order". Is there a way to do this? 


The title of this post has been edited from the original: "Square for Restaurants Menu Standards"

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Hey there @PrettyFairTyler 👋


This would be considered a feature request at this time.


As you mentioned in your post, by default tiles will load at the bottom and then can be rearranged. I can see how having a default start position might be beneficial to some businesses. Thanks for taking the time to voice your interest in this feature.


Note: I will be moving your post to the Feature Request board for better visibility.

Thank you, along the same lines I've noticed Square for Restaurants automatically checks the box to "Automatically Apply Item To Check" where regular square did not. Is there a way to set this globally so we don't have to deselect every new item created?

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So on Square Point of Sale the option you are referring to is called "Skip detail screen in Point of Sale" and the setting is unchecked by default The behavior is set so that items that don't have modifier sets (most of the items for Sellers using the regular Point of Sale) don't show a possibly unnecessary screen.



Now once you are subscribed to Square for Restaurants the feature is replaced with  "Automatically Add Item to Check" and the behavior is meant to make sure restaurants don't get unnecessary prompts or popups when adding items from the menu. Keep in mind that if the items have modifiers  (like most restaurant items do) the modifiers will need to be entered or completed before added to the check.



I hope this information is helpful @PrettyFairTyler, thanks for the quick reply!

@JJ_ Gotcha, the issue is if you're using variations it bypasses that automatically. We use variations for different size drinks (16oz, 10oz, 5 oz, growler fill, etc) so I would like to have that option deselected. I guess it would just be nice to be able to globally set the default option. Or if multiple variations are available it should automatically toggle off, either way. 

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I can see how this can be cumbersome. Thanks for sharing this example @PrettyFairTyler.