How can I enable a sound notification for incoming orders?

How can I enable a sound notification for incoming orders?

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I've gone all in Chowly to integrate our delivery services into our PoS. For the most part, I'm seeing good value here. However, there is 1 feature missing from Square that I consider tablestakes.


Since these integrate as "online orders", the integration merely displays a pop-up with NO SOUND notification or option to add sound. This is crippling for our delivery business. I need a way to make these order notifications audible so that employees KNOW an order came in and can tend to it.


Our integration is already setup to automatically print upon order but....this is not enough or even close. Ideally, the pop up notifies the employee whether they are at the terminal or not, when they accept, then the ticket prints.


This expectation that an employee is always at the terminal is not a real world scenario for many small businesses.


If I can't get some kind of audible notification for my employees, I'm going to have to back out of Chowly 100%. In fact, any integration to Square that utilizes this notification system is not going to work for us. Is this something that is available in Square for Rests. by chance?



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Re: Chowly Order Notifications

Hey @PerksCoffee -


Thanks for posting in the Seller Community and surfacing this question! 


As of right now, Square for Restaurants and Square POS does not have a sound functionality for incoming orders, but it's something we're hoping to make available in the future. However, we do have an auto-print functionality so you wouldn't have to accept the orders prior to getting the ticket to print.


We also have an in-app notification functionality that will alert you regarding new orders. To update your preference for notifications and ticket printing from the app, open the navigation menu > Settings, and scroll down to Orders.


  • Notification Settings: By default, notifications will be enabled — you can disable or adjust how often you’re notified of new orders. Choose to be notified every 5, 15, or 30 minutes.

  • Printer Settings: Choose to either manually print tickets for new orders or automatically print new orders when they come in.

  • Quick Actions: When you open the Order tab, you’ll see the master view of all orders. Quick Actions allow you to update the status of an order without opening the order details page.


To learn more about Square for Restaurants and orders specifically, please take a look at this article. I would also suggest reaching out to Chowly's Support Team to see if they have any insight on the limitation. I hope this helps! 😁

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Hi there @KingP 👋
I think @rumi's question was for you - do you know if what they are asking is possible using Gmail audio alerts? Thanks for your help here!

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You can use gmail audio alerts to get a notification sound.  That can work nicely if you have one location.  If you have more than one location Your different store locations are not separated out.  They all go to the owners email

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Yes, you can set gmail to make a sound from a specific sender.  I believe you have to go to the google store an get an app for chrome that will do that. 

The other day, an order was placed at 2:06 PM (according to the system) and was scheduled for curbside pick-up at 2:25 PM. However, we didn't even receive a notification of the order until 2:26 PM after  the customer had already arrived. What would cause this delay?


Also, is there a way we can get an audio notification (like a DING) from the POS system when we receive an online order? It would be very helpful.

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Hi there, @efficiondave 👋 Good to hear from you again! Welcome back!


I've gone ahead and merged your post into an existing thread of Sellers who were also looking for information regarding audio notifications. Take a look at this Best Answer from Ashley for more info - she will walk you through the steps needed to activate.


In regards to your delayed order, we may need to get a bit more information in regards to the specific order to determine where the discrepancy lays. We would recommend flagging this over to our Support Team and they can take a deep dive with you into the specific order!

Hi, Delayed issue may cause be internet issue at that moment as long as it not happen often, I will not worry about it.


For get notifications when order come. Here what I did and work well for me.(one location only)

1.Configure the order to Print automatic so kitchen printer will print ,,(if you want it to print auto)


2. This step will make lound sound when email order come only not from the square app. Square still not have this function

2.1 open new email account so you only received the order thru here no others mails

2.2 set up or enable notifications inside your email


2.3 get your Bluetooth speaker 

2.4 connect your tablet to bluetooth

3. Done..work well for me.

Need me help.. email me kingpho5414@gmail.com

Whenever someone places an online order with us, the notification is significantly lagging using the app. We get an email immediately, however the order doesn't come through on the app until 5-8 minutes later. Which puts us behind on delivering the product. Is there a way to add more notifications? Maybe a text option for whenever the order comes in. It's simply not acceptable to be that delayed. We are using a WIFI network, so it isn't a signal problem. 


Hi @RIDDLENC. Thanks for checking in about this issue. My first guess would be internet and to try to reset. But if you're on a strong WIFI network, I'm going to take a play out of Joe's book on this thread and suggest reaching out to our Support team so they can check a few things on the back end.

Can we please get a feature where new orders cause the iPad app to blink (flash) black and white repeatedly? Servers are walking back and forth and need to notice the iPad. The sound also needs to continuously go off until the order in set to in progress!

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I will make sure to pass your experience and feature request to our product team @tdgoza


P.S. Welcome to the Seller Community