Too Much Info on Delivery Tickets

Too Much Info on Delivery Tickets

Just activated the delivery option for Square Online ordering.  The tickets that print for delivery have too much info on them to be practical for a busy line cook to read through.  The entire blurb on the bottom of the ticket really only contains 1 piece of useful information, the pick-up time.  And even that would be better places where the delivery time is placed on the ticket.  The estimated delivery time is not relevant to the cooks, only the pickup time.  See attached:  


Everything else in that blurb is just taking up space and making it hard to read the pick up time.  Can we change this please? 

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Square Community Moderator

Hi there @seattlesam


Thank you for reaching out to us about this. We have moved your post to our feature request board, this is very helpful when planning for future releases. 

Absolutely agree!! Waste of paper, the drivers don't even read this info. Just costs the restaurant $ to print!!

@Ellie_ can you provide a link to the feature request board?  Is there any way to get any info / insight on the status of feature requests? Even knowing whether it was processed, dismissed, already in the works, etc.  Otherwise it really feels like our problems are just being swept under the rug.