COGS without comps

COGS without comps

We just discovered that the COGS report includes any comped items. This is throwing the numbers off dramatically for our COGS on actual sales. Is there a way to see the COGS without the comps added in? We use comps to account for the chemical inventory used by service route technicians, so they're not actual sales. As it stands, we can't tell what the actual COGS is for the chemicals we do sell in the retail store.

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When it comes to your comps and reports, this would be a Feature Request according to our Retail Team.  I am happy to tag this for our Product Team. 


There is a possible workaround you can try, exclude inventory you plan to comp from your inventory. This would prevent the item(s) from being tracked as part of your inventory costs and impact your calculations.  


Please let me know if you have any other questions. 

@Kassi_ I don't know if that would work, as we still need to account for the use of the chemicals, and we also sell most of those chemicals in our retail space for customers who do their own pool service.

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 @SeminolePool -


Ah okay. 


Then let's go to the route of the Feature Request. I have tagged our Product Team, so they can look  a little deeper into this.


Thank you for bringing this up in the Community!