How can I add custom stock actions using Square? Other than received?

How can I add custom stock actions using Square? Other than received?

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How do to add stocking options  I need other rhi ga kn there beside stock received etc...

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I learned through trial and error that this has to be done as a cash sale, and it only works on the POS (not on the dashboard which gives you the $1 min purchase). 

However, since the latest update, this no longer works. I do a cash sale, then I apply a 100% discount, but the only option it gives me is "open drawer." Oddly, it still works in the Square Android App.

If anyone can help, or have Square change it back, that would be awesome.

Thanks for noticing that and brining it to our attention. I am a Square POS user just like you, so I have little to no pull on what gets changed.

I'd like to see under stock actions the option 

Items Sold....

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Thank you for sharing your feedback, @catskingdomNH 😊We do not have any updates to share at this time, but will come back to these threads if anything changes. 



I also need this option! I sell online with a different platform and have to go in and manually adjust my stock in square. It is time consuming.

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Hey there @gamedaygraphics


Thank you for joining others requesting this feature. I will pass this feedback and this thread to our product team once again for visibility and consideration when working on future updates.