How can I add custom stock actions using Square? Other than received?

How can I add custom stock actions using Square? Other than received?

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How do to add stocking options  I need other rhi ga kn there beside stock received etc...

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 Hey @Teristipsandtoe


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If you are a Square Point of Sale user, the only stock action you will see available is Stock Received. If you would like to see more stock actions, such as Inventory Re-count, Received, Return, Damage, Loss, or Theft, you would need to subscribe to our Square for Retail subscription.


This Support Article goes over all of the stock actions we have available with Square for Retail, and how each stock action impacts your reporting. As of right now, we do not have a feature that allows sellers to create their own custom stock action.


I hope you find this helpful. Feel free to give us a call if you'd like to hear more about Inventory Reporting and Square for Retail. 

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When adjusting inventory, are there plans to add any reasons, such as donation or marketing?  Or, how do others track this in Square and not just manually on a spreadsheet?  

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Right now, adding custom stock action reasons, like donation or marketing is not possible with Square's Inventory mgt. For now the only choices are the preset ones found in Item details page > Edit Variation Details > Manage Stock


No news to report yet on when this will be a thing but we announce updates as they come in the Community, so you'll definitely be notified. 


Maybe some sellers on this thread can chime on how they track their stock actions 

I want to run a report for just the month of July on inventory received. How do I do this?  I have run the full inventory report but I need to run just a 1 month report.

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There isn't a report available that generates stock received for all items. From Dashboard, you'll need to click each item to edit individually to view Stock Action History. Unfortunately stock action history cannot be filtered by the month @Traci68



I have square for retail pro,  when I need to adjust my inventory because a sale was made outside of my online store. I can not do a stock adjustment and select sold, because it does not come up. So I am having to use the re-count option. 

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@tulipsandlace custom stock actions isn't available currently. @IsabelleM lists the only stock options offered. Selecting Re-count sounds like the best route to take for now. 


 I'll be sure to bubble this up to the right team! 

Thank you for your quick response.

 Since we are unable to subtract our sales until an invoice has been paid , I have been going into each item and physically adjusting as a minus"Inventory Re-count" which takes the item(s) out of my inventory so I know what I really have in stock.  In the dropdown menu for the Selected Reason could there be a "Sold" added to the list. This would help keep track of what has been "sold" vs an "re-count" I noticed that when you go into the View History there is a Sold option, so this should be a EASY fix to add 



Thank you   

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Custom Stock actions are not available with Square Inventory, so I'm afraid a sold option can't be added. 


We're currently tracking the need for this feature. Subscribe to this thread I merged you with for updates as they come.