How can I add custom stock actions using Square? Other than received?

How can I add custom stock actions using Square? Other than received?

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How do to add stocking options  I need other rhi ga kn there beside stock received etc...

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This is good to know. We often take an item out of stock to use as free samples for customers. For instance, we might take a pack of 10 gummies out of stock to open it, and place single gummies in free sample bags. Right now, I adjust stock by placing it in checkout and discounting it 100% to a "customer" I named as "Promo Sample." Doing this affects my numbers for the month though. Looking for a better way to promo stock out as a marketing expense.

I'm trying to account for my samples, and I tried your method. It gives me an error that says "Total must be at least $1.00." Have you ever gotten this? Do you know of a work-around?

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Thanks for your input @YCBDS625! Mind giving @ChaiCupboard a hand? 

When using this method to "check out" a sample product, I always do it as a cash sale. Cash sales have no requirement for a minimum. That's likely to be your issue. Don't do it as a Credit or Debit card sale.

I have tried doing this as a cash sale with 100% discount to pull from inventory but it says total must be at least $1.00.  How are you all getting this to work?


@YCBDS625 any insight for @GetUpandGoCraft?

We enter the sale, then post the 100% discount, then close the sale as if it's a cash sale. It shouldn't require an amount of $1.00 or more. At least our system doesn't. We are using the free version of Square for retail.

Thanks for the heads up.

Hi, any update on this? Would love to be able to track other stock actions like store use, damage from certain pests etc. that we could track with our previous POS

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@SpruceGifts no updates as of yet, but I will make sure to surface this to our Development team.