Square Teams Clock-ins and Cash Tip Reporting

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Square Teams Clock-ins and Cash Tip Reporting

Square for Teams Plus has tip pooling options (for credit card tips), which are wonderful!  Unfortunately, I do not see any way for the team members to put in their cash tip totals at clock out.  This is a big miss in my opinion.  We run as a quick service restaurant.   It should ask at clock out for the user to enter a cash tips amount.  These should be totaled for each employee next to the paycheck tips on the labor and tips report in Shifts.  Hope this makes it to the development team.  I was a developer.  There are multiple functionalities in the Square for Restaurants that need tweaking for use in a quick service setting.   I am very excited to see the tip pooling for credit card tips, just need a way to track the cash tips per employee daily and accumulate them in the reporting!   (duplicate post in Food & Beverage group)

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Hi @alleycatscoffee , 


We do currently have a beta running for the Cash Tipping feature. I'd love to add you into this beta program if you are interested. One thing to note is that at this time, tip pooling is not currently available with the cash tipping feature. 


If you're interested in joining the Cash Tipping beta, please click this link below to join our Cash Tipping Beta Community Group. 


See you there! 


Status changed to: Needs Beta Testers

Moving this to needs Beta Testers as  @SQPhil noted there is a Beta running for this feature!

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It would be nice for the staff to claim there walk away tips. Right now its set up to calculate credit card tips and then they claim cash tips. For my staffing situation this is not helpful. It would be lovely at clock out if they could count there tips then enter exactly what they made that shift both Credit and Cash in one.


Hi @BHB2 - thanks for the comment and feedback - I'd love to understand a bit more about your business's workflow.  It sounds like you are looking for a better way to track take-home tips on a given day, is that correct?  Do you currently pool the cash tips earned by your employees?

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Hi @JasonSQPM yes we pool tips but the way the system is currently set up it pools credit card tips only off who is logged in the POS. So when doing payroll I still have to have them claim tips on a separate application in order to get proper reporting.

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@JasonSQPM If you are still looking for real-world examples, you might want to consider multiple tip pools as many restaurants have different rooms or sections with their own pools. For example, our bartenders have their own pool for credit card and cash tips from bar sales. Servers from each floor have their own pool for cc and cash. The servers then tip out to bartenders, bussers and runners and the remainder in the pool is split equally between the servers from that pool. Likewise, the bartenders will tip out bussers, runners and barbacks and then split the remainder amongst themselves. Having the ability to report cash tips (per pool) is great, but the ability to tip out from the pool (by $ or %) would be awesome. I believe there was a request from another thread.


Hi @mewscafe - thanks for the insights, very helpful!


We are working through some updates to our tipping infrastructure that will enable more types of tip pooling - cash tips, % payouts, etc. - and eventually get to support for multiple tip pools.  If interested, I will keep you in mind for some testing we are tentatively planning for the year's end.



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@JasonSQPM I just saw your post.  I’ve been using the card tip pool functionality since it start beta testing.  Love it! I’ve requested from the team (through beta boards) that cash tips entered be included in the tip pooling, since I also prorate those on a weekly basis and distribute them on Monday after the pay week ends.  Currently, I have a spreadsheet do this for me.  So, the point of this post is please let me know when you roll this out to beta.  I might be closed for the season then, but I’ll definitely be able to put a cash tip pool beta through its paces even then.  And I’d love to help have that up and running by the start of my 2024 season in March!  Thanks!

I too, and using the TIP Distribution by Clocked In Employee. 


I also have the option for "Employee to report cash tips at clock-out".  It doesn't seem to be working on the SQUARE POS terminal when an employee clocks out.  But, it does prompt when an employee clocks out from the Mobile App.


What am I missing?


HI @RockyCreekCandl - are you seeing this issue on iOS, Android, or both?