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Employees forgetting to sign in/out

I'm trying out Team Management Plus at my coffee shop and love the idea of tracking employees individually.


It looks like my options for having them enter their passcode are 30 seconds, 1 minute, 5 minutes and Never.


We use Square Register and only have one employee working per shift, so hate to have them enter their passcode every 5 minutes, but if I set it to "Never" they forget to sign in/out at the beginning/end of their shift and then my reporting isn't accurate.


Any creative work-arounds for this? like it can log them out when the screensaver turns the screen off (which I can set to a longer time period)

- or the system can log the employee out at a set time (like after we close)? or some where between 5 minutes and Never?

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Hello @Joules- Great question, I am happy to provide some insight that will hopefully help. 


That timeout function is for how long the point of sale can be inactive before the screen locks and then requires the passcode. So this is completely up to you but you could do "Never" and then only require after each sale so that the sale can track. Now, as far as remembering to clock in at the beginning of the shift that is something regardless of which settings you have implemented they will have to remember to do because the timeout feature doesn't actually address that. Could you leave a little sticky note with a reminder? I know that might not aesthetically be the most pleasing, but if you are concerned about them forgetting to clock in but be a good route, I have had sellers use it. 



I hope this helped. Please let me know if you have questions! 




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