Accept Clearpay with Square in the UK

Reminder: Clearpay is an optional buy now pay later method available with Square. Clearpay’s promotional processing rates are ending on October 31st, 2022. After this date, all Clearpay processing rates for in-person and online transactions will be 6% +30p. This change will only applied to payments processed with Clearpay and does not affect Square’s processing fees for in-person or online transactions. If you do not wish to offer buy now pay later you can choose to turn off Clearpay in from the Payment Methods settings on your Square Dashboard. Find information about Square's processing fees in our Seller Community.


Hello Seller Community,


We’re excited to announce that starting today, your customers will be able to use Clearpay for when making purchases online, in-person or through a paylink. 


Clearpay is a buy now, pay later (BNPL) payment method that allows customers to pay in four instalments over six weeks. You get paid in full — immediately.


Clearpay will be enabled on all eligible Square accounts starting 6th September 2022. You won’t have to take any action to offer it and you can turn it off anytime. 


If you’d like to get access to Clearpay even sooner, you can turn on this feature within your Square Account Settings today. Just go to the Payment Methods section. If you prefer to not offer Clearpay, you can also opt out here. 

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As soon as Clearpay is enabled from your online Square Dashboard, you will automatically have the option to accept Clearpay when customers are paying in-store, on your Square Online site or when you send a paylink to the customer via text message or when sending payment from your Virtual Terminal to your Square Terminal.


Benefits of accepting Clearpay


Drive more sales: Businesses offering Clearpay instalment payments saw an average 15% increase in overall profits.  


Increase basket size: Clearpay lets customers get what they want, when they want it, increasing your average transaction amount by up to 50%.


Attract new customers: Businesses offering Clearpay gain up to 40% more new customers.


How Clearpay works for you


✔  Get paid upfront: You'll get paid within days for purchases made with Clearpay.


Minimise your risk: We take on the risk, including chargebacks and fraud so you can focus on growing your business.


✔ Receive daily settlement reports: Get access to transactional information that you can use to reconcile or verify orders.


With Clearpay, you’ll never miss out on a big sale.  And unlike other instalment platforms competitors, Clearpay doesn’t require additional integration—it’s automatically available as a Square payment option for Square, and works out of the box. You’ll also get paid up front—we assume the risk, including chargebacks and fraud. More questions? See our support article here


Compatible Hardware

Your Square hardware — including Square Register, Square Terminal, Square Stand and Square Reader for contactless & chip — will allow customers to pay for in-person goods and services using their Clearpay Card via Apple Pay or Google Pay


Set up is easy — you can enable or disable Clearpay at any time via your Payment Methods settings




Clearpay Dashboard.png




Clearpay in-app.png



Accept Clearpay In-Person

Once you’ve enabled Clearpay, you can accept payments as you normally would with a card, cash or other payment option, whether it is through Square Point of Sale app, Square for Retail, Square for Restaurant or Square Appointments.


  1. Add items or services to cart or enter a custom amount. The total transaction must be between £1 and £1,000.
  2. Tap Review sale > Charge
  3. The customer must open their Clearpay app and login
    1. From the Clearpay App, the customer must tap Card > Tap Authorise and pay in-store > Tap Pay In-store now with Apple Pay or Google Pay.
  4. Once the customer has authorised the in-person payment via the app, the customer can tap their mobile device via their Apple/ Google Wallet  to your Square Reader, Square Terminal, Square Stand or Square Register to complete the purchase
  5. Send a digital receipt via text message or email or print the receipt as proof of purchase. The customer will also see the transaction via their Clearpay app starting with SQ*


Accept Clearpay Online

To start accepting Clearpay through your Square Online site or when sending a payment link with Square Online Checkout and Virtual Terminal, you will need to enable Clearpay via your Payment Methods settings.


You will also be able to control the eligibility range for item prices and order totals which will set a minimum and maximum order amount where Clearpay will appear as a payment method. To set the eligible price range:

  1. From your Square Online overview page, select Settings
  2. Go to Payment Methods > Clearpay
  3. Select Edit the Eligibility Range for orders and items


Note: The maximum cannot exceed £1,000.


Once Clearpay is enabled in your account’s Payment Methods section, your customers will see an option to pay in four interest-free instalments with Clearpay on your Square Online site, Online Checkout payment links and buy buttons. 


Learn more about how Clearpay works for buyers on your site. 


Note: Clearpay will appear as a payment option for qualifying Shipping or Pickup orders at this tip. If you have tippings set up, this will appear as normal for Clearpay transactions. Tips can push cart totals into or out of the order thresholds, and the Clearpay processing rate applies to the entire sales. 




Square sellers using Clearpay get paid the full amount at the time of purchase, minus a processing fee on the total order. Enabling Clearpay with Square is free — there are no subscription fees or startup costs. You only pay when you make a sale. There are no processing fees charged on the remaining instalments or if your customer makes a late payment.


Promotion: Payments processed will have a discounted processing rate of 1.75% for in-person payments, 1.9% for Online payments (1.75% with Square Online Premium) and 1.5% for Virtual Terminal payments. Through October 31st, 2022. After this promotional period, all Clearpay processing rates will be 6% + 30p.


Note: Clearpay rates are fixed and do not vary by subscription type, hardware, or custom pricing.




To see if you are eligible for Clearpay and Square, log into your Square Dashboard and review your Payment Methods.


Eligibility for Clearpay is dependent on numerous factors, including how your business is structured and what you sell:


  • Sellers must be in an approved merchant category
  • Sellers must be based in the United Kingdom

If Clearpay is available to your business, you can toggle on Clearpay acceptance both Online and In-person from within this setting. If you are listed as Ineligible, you cannot accept payments using Clearpay at this time.


We are working to expand Clearpay availability over time to allow more sellers to accept Clearpay within their business. Review our Clearpay Merchant Terms for more information.

† Economic Impact of Clearpay in the UK, Accenture, December 2021.


Square Beta would like to thank our testers for helping us to get this project started. To test new and upcoming features, payment methods and editions, please join our Beta Community where you’ll have early access to features that are meaningful to your business. Get started today sellercommunity.com/beta

Let us know if you have any questions below! You can learn more about Clearpay and Square in our Support Centre.

Community Manager, Square
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Went to do this, and its says ineligible 😞

No idea why? 

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Gutted as it's says I'm not eligible.  How can this be ??? 

N salter
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Hey there @goblingirlie and @Noni45, thanks for your comments and I'm sorry to hear that! 


As mentioned in the post above, eligibility for Clearpay is dependent on numerous factors, including how your business is structured and what you sell. Some examples:


  • Your business must be in an approved merchant category
  • Your business must be based in the UK
  • You can’t have multiple Tax Identification Numbers (TINs) or Unique Taxpayer References (UTRs)

Depending on the type of goods you sell or your methods of fulfilment:


  • Local delivery orders not supported
  • Self-serve (QR) ordering is not supported
  • Item or basket totals outside of the eligible purchase range not supported
  • Restricted digital goods or services not supported
  • Cross-border orders not supported

We are continuing to work to expand the availability of Clearpay over time to give more sellers the opportunity to enable it on their sites, so thank you for bearing with us! 


Community Moderator, Square
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Thank you so much for the reply  , I have looked at the clearpay Merchant information and cannot find a solution to resolve this issue . I also cannot find my merchant categories for my site or a list of approved ones to see if this is the issue . It would be good to have exact information to my site and why it isn't eligible.  I have emailed for more percific information . Thanks Naomk 

N salter
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I have accepted clearpay as an option and its showing on my dashboard as a payment method but it ist showing for customers at all 

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Hi @nataleigh, thanks for flagging that here. 


Could you send a link to your site here so we can take a look? And give us a bit more detail about the items you sell and your fulfilment methods. Thanks. 

Community Moderator, Square
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It's for appointment booking I.e: services when the clients books its takes them to pay by card but no clearpay option at all

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Thank you for confirming @nataleigh


Accepting Clearpay for Square Appointments booked through Square Online sites isn’t possible at this time, but it can be used for in-person bookings. 

Community Moderator, Square
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