Feature Request: Scheduled pickup orders as only fulfillment option, instead of ASAP

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I have the online store setup to schedule pickups, however there doesn't seem to be an option to remove the "As soon as possible" option on the weebly square online store.  I'm not sure if this is an issue or if i'm just not locating it.  


I need to be able to schedule my guests so that I don't have to wait for them to come get their items.  If i'm the only employee i'm stuck waiting on the guest when I have more important things to do.  My current work-around for this is to call each guest and ask them what time they would like to pickup their order.


Thank you and I hope we can see this item fixed asap.

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Toggle off  'Do you want to allow scheduled pickups?' in Pickup & Delivery settings to remove the ASAP option. This will prevent customers from selected a pickup time of their choosing. 




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That the turns the pickup from scheduled/asap, to pickup asap.  It's not what I want.  I want only scheduled pickup.

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Jumping in for @JustinC here, @ajcuriel.


Thanks for confirming that you're looking to offer scheduled pickup as the only fulfillment option - at this time, this would be a feature request. Right now, ASAP ordering is the default fulfillment option for pickup orders. If you toggle on the Do you want to allow scheduled pickups? option, ASAP ordering will be an option in addition to allowing scheduled pickups.



I know that others looking to remove ASAP ordering as an option have added additional notes or messages to their website and/or item descriptions as a workaround - but I understand that this may not work for your business.


Our team is working on enabling a feature that may allow for your ideal fulfillment set-up. Stay subscribed here to receive a notification, as we'll be sure to update this thread when we have more information!

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The removal of the ASAP option would be great..  because right now I don't know when my guests are picking up their orders.  Also would the wording be changed on scheduled pickups to "Your order will be ready by"  instead of "Your order will be ready after ....."   I've had four guests so far that have decided not to pickup their order on time and it's messing with my daily schedule.  


I'm a bit frustrated that moving to weebly was forced on us when the square online store that was already in place was just as good.

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Very much need this feature (as soon as possible!) especially during the Covid-19 outbreak; not knowing when someone is arriving is causing massive scheduling headaches and putting customers and staff at risk.

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Thanks for adding your voice here in support of this feature, @PlantMama - our Product Teams continue to monitor threads like this while gauging new products and suggestions. As soon as we have more information to share in regards to launch or a shareable timeline, we will bounce back here and notify everyone.


Thanks for your continued patience! 

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i agree. To have a scheduling option and turning off ASAP would eliminate the "dummy effect" of people not reading directions.  i can place notes all over my site and they still don't follow directions. I hope this option is added in the future.

Thank you

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I am in the same camp as these business owners. I need to be able to turn off the ASAP option for pickup. Most of my customers don't realize they have to change this, as much as I try to guide them to do so. I also realized today that if you use the Square checkout feature where it texts you a code to enter that it completely skips over the Store Pickup options section. This is so frustrating. I would think this would be something that could be easily accomplished.

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Chiming in to ask that this please please be a feature! We have recently tried to switch to scheduled pickups to keep numbers of people waiting outside at a minimum for safety reasons and to limit time in the cold. We have aggressively messaged to our customers but as others have noted they often don't see the information about ordering and as also stated above if square has their info the scheduled pick up time is by-passed. The other issue is that some customers seeing our messaging feel terrible that they can't pick their time and we are spending way too much time trying to organize this.  Thanks for looking into this!

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I love the new schedule for pick-up option, but wish it had a delivery option. Also, I really wish you could select INVOICE as a payment option. These two upgrades would make this feature so much better. We really want all orders to go to this platform so we can manage on the backend. Please help!

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HI, hopefully these Square Support pages will help.


In-House Delivery



On-Demand Delivery



Hope This Helps!
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Urgent feature request.  Please find a way to let customers schedule their delivery for a later date/time on the initial pop up window.


This will prevent the huge drop off all restaurants must see when customers don't see a way to schedule their orders for later, before they hit Checkout. 


If you placed that option on the initial pop up, your business clients would make more money and in turn Square would make more money.  PLEASE make this happen!

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Thank you so much for the feedback and I'm sorry that this is causing a lot of frustration for your business. I've merged your post to an existing thread that has a similar request, but we will continue to track all feedback as it comes. 


Thanks, again.

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I would like customers to schedule their pickup.  I do not wasnt asap as an option and the edit function to get to the scheduling option is confusing for my customers.

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Hi @rebeccasmyth,


I've merged your post into an existing feature request thread for this feature where it's being tracked for our Product Team.

I don't have a timeline on when this will be available but I would encourage you to check out our Beta Community to join and potentially get access to new features first when we test them out.



Ashley C
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Just wanting to echo the many others here that this would be extremely beneficial to be able to remove the "Pickup ASAP" option. Although that may mean 30 minutes, many customers see what they want to see and overlook the estimated prep time and see ASAP. We have people waiting in our drive-thru and ordering online and thinking it would be ready right away (even though the prep time is 30 minutes) and it is causing confusion for the staff and customers. Even if we can't just have scheduled pickups, the ability to be able to hide the ASAP would be slightly beneficial. Thank you!

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I want to turn off the option to have their order ready ASAP, and rather require them to schedule their pick up time. I’m not a brick & mortar bakery, so it’s causing me a lot of headaches when they schedule it for “ASAP” but don’t actually pick it up when it’s ready because Square phrases it as your order will be ready “after” a certain rather than “at” a certain time. So then I have to contact them separate from their order to ask when they are going to pick it up so I’m not waiting around ALL day which means I can’t leave the kitchen, which has happened many (most) times. Most people don’t see that they can schedule their pick up at check out, and don’t fully ready the pick up instructions where I state to contact me to schedule their pick up if they weren’t able to do it on my website. It’d be SO much easier if we could just require it!!!! Can’t you make that happen, Square??

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Hi hi @Prairiepies - sorry to see trouble has brought you to the Seller Community


Because turning off the ASAP ordering option is currently considered a feature request, what we would recommend doing for now is adding in specific messaging to your website and order emails that indicates to customers that they will need to come at the scheduled time, rather than any time after the scheduled time.

I've moved your post here so you can get a notification if we post any news related to this feature request 

Tagging in some business owners that may have advice from experience!
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@Valentina thanks for the h/t!


Hey @Prairiepies I 100% agree with you about people not reading what is in front of them. I have this issue on quite a regular basis, which usually leads me to pull (what's left of) my hair out of my head.


That said, have you seen the new checkout flow on the site? Provided they're not using Square Pay the customer now has a new screen to look at before payment information:



Yes, the ASAP option is there. But hopefully having this screen be a forced interaction screen will cause people to pause long enough to think about what time they are arriving.

Could there be better wording? After changes to at? Absolutely.

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Yes, I did see that and got excited maybe things would improve. They absolutely did not. If you enter a code to autofill for a quicker checkout (say, if you checkout on square sites often) it bypasses that page. If this flow had solved my problems I obviously wouldn’t be so frustrated. 

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