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Highlighting changed modifier

We are a sandwich shop and we have several options of bread, meats, condiments, veggies,, etc available for the customer to choose from. We were using Square POS and we recently upgraded to Square for Restaurants. We have the same challenge in both versions - automatic highlighting of the changed modifiers. For eg. if the default  bread for a Turkey sandwich is Sourdough, but if the customer wants the same sandwich on a wheat bread or wants no Mayo, there is no way of highlighting the changed modifiers, which means the cook has to read through all the 8-10 ingredients for each item. We currently manually highlight the changes on a printed ticket. Is there a way to higlight these on printed tickets and/or on square kds (we are trying this out)


It is a very important feature for us as during busy times and when we have large orders its almost impossible for the cook to read through the entire ticket to figure out the changed modifiers and if the order-taker forgot to highlight the change, then it could lead to errors. 


I am sure we are not the only ones to face this problem. What kind of workaround are others using

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Understand the need for this, but Square KDS doesn't support a highlighting function for changed modifiers. Passing your ideas up to our Product Team. 




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