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Other payment options... Takes too long.

We use square register, but we have a seperate merchant account so that we can swipe EBT cards on a seprate terminal. Upon checkout I am presented with a screen on the iPad to either enter exact change/denominations of cash, or "Other payment method" for that transaction. Inorder for me to correctly track payment methods and to sperate credit card/ebt/and cash sales at the end of the day, I have to manually navigate through the "other payment" screens every time someone uses that type of payment. It seems to be an unessicary amount of steps... By the time I am prompted to print a receipt for a customer, they have their bags packed up and are ready to walk out the door, all the while, it looks like I'm fumbling around at the cash register unable to make eye contact with the customer. The other problem I experience with this process is that since I am not accepting cash, or using the Square card reader for that transaction, the cash drawer does not open when I'm done even though I still need to put a printed receipt in there... Which is annoying.

I wish there a way that I could create a custom named payment option that is presented at the first checkout screen, and that I could tell it to use the cash drawer. And it would go straight to the printed or emailed receipt screen.

That's my thought about it anyway.

Thanks as always for listening!

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Re: Other payment options... Takes too long.

Maybe I'm missing something, but all it is is hitting the other payment button then check marking the other selection on the "Check, Gift Card, other" screen and then I assume you either type in EBT in the notes or put some sort of transaction approval code in from the other terminal.  So hitting the 2 buttons takes like a second, especially if it is something you do often and is no more steps than hitting the Check payment button and entering the check number.

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