Sub Modifiers: Create a modifier for a modifier?

Im trying to find the best way to add a steak dinner it comes with 1 side and a salad. But I will need to add a modifier to some of the sides and salad. Example baked potato add bacon,cheese, butter. Salad no tomatoes add cheese.


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Unfortunately Square doesn't support sub-modifiers yet.


What I've done for a very similar situation as yours is this:


-The first modifier set is the usual mods: for you, the baked potato, salad, mashed, etc. The salad I've gone ahead and put the additional dressings as extra modifiers. Salad-Ranch, Salad-Bleu, etc.

-For the pricing upcharges where the guest may order more than one (the bacon, chesse, etc for the baker in your example), I've created a second modifier group I call "Tweak your Entree" where I have the extras listed as needed. (BP+Bacon - 50¢, BP+Cheese - 50¢, etc) I set this modifier group to being optional: the servers don't have to use anything here if it's not needed. You can also add the "NO toms salad" modifiers in this section.


Yeah, sub-mods would be a LOT easier, and hopefully Square is working on them!


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I'd love to have sub-modifiers in Square or Square for Restaurants and I can't believe I'm the only one looking for this! Unless I've missed something, it looks like it has been discussed for years on the forum with no implementation from Square.



Item -> Hamburger

Modifiers -> Sides: Fries, Tots, Potato Salad, Side Salad

Sub-Modifier -> If "Side Salad" chosen in Modifiers, triggers Dressings Modifier Menu (also used for Item -> House Salad, etc.


Is there a usable work around?





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Hey there! Thank you for posting - this is a feature request, but the threads are a little hidden, so I've merged your post with an existing one so we can start keeping all of the requests about this feature in one place. 🙂


Also, @ryanwanner provided a workaround for @Unclequincy that may help you.


Let me know if you have any other questions!

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Is there an option in the works for sub modifiers? It's getting pretty tricky to keep adding modifiers that will give people SO MANY things to filter through online. I'd love to have the option for them to click a modifier, THEN have the options pop up, instead of having all the possibilities pop up for a single modifier. 

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Hey there, @TE


Welcome back to the Community! 


I'd be happy to tag your feedback, so it's added to this Feature Request. Keep an eye out for our Product Updates when new stuff is launching. 


Thank you!


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Please add me to the group for this feature request. I know SFR is not a fully baked product yet, but this one is a bit of a miss for us in restaurants. 


Ideally, the side or salad offered should be treated as its own item with associated modifiers, while allowing other items to hard link with one another.




Item - Burger (served w/ fries, so a link is made to fries item)

--Modifers for burger--

Item - LFries 

--Modifiers for fries (conversational would be great!)--


Ticket prints up showing:



--Med Rare

--No Sauce


--Add Cheese

--Add Bacon

--No Salt


I know the current method is to create a unique modifier with each combination, but that can become quite a list with how creative some of us folks are getting with culinary. 


So please, with a cherry on top modifier, can you ask your team to add this feature? 🙂

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Have there been any updates as to when they're going to get this added to the programming?  I feel like they way over promised and way under delivered when I got my demo.

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None yet, but the more people that talk about it, the more they might actually hear us. I'm sure they have layers of protocols, but we received a survey from them and gave them a healthy list of things that would help us restaurant operators out who formerly used programs like Micros/Aloha/etc. This pains me and our team every day, but we just deal with it. 

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YES! PLEASE add this! 

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It will be a great day when it happens!

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This seems like pretty basic POS functionality. Especially with all the online orders we do now... it's practically necessary to have sub-mods. 

We are actually *losing* money because of the lack of this function. For example: we are a breakfast place, so eggs are a frequent add on. If a customer is placing an order online and they want a BLT, say, there's the option to add an egg (for an up-charge), and there is also a selection for how you would like your egg cooked (no up-charge). The customer often *only* selects how they would like the egg cooked and ends up not getting charged (the kitchen often doesn't catch the discrepancy). 

If the egg temp option popped up as a sub mod, this would not be an issue. 

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