Automatically add another item to bill when specific item is added initially

Bit of a specific use-case here, so I'm not expecting a successful answer, but thought I'd ask anyway!


We're a tearoom offering table service, but due to the nature of our business we don't always get food orders from a table (sometimes just coffee etc.) As such, we don't lay cutlery on the table, but take it out with the drinks when someone has ordered food.


In our case, drinks and food tickets go to separate areas (bar and kitchen). Currently, we have a menu item for staff on the POS to add cutlery when they take a food order, which gets added to the bar order ticket. The problem is, we often forget to add it.


Is there a way to automatically add the cutlery item to a customer's bill every time a 'Food' category item is added? As an example, if someone orders a coffee, nothing happens, but if they also order a Cheese Panini, 1 x Cutlery gets automatically added to the bill. If someone else they're dining with orders a Ham Sandwich, another 1 x Cutlery then gets added to the bill.


Hope this all makes sense! TIA

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Hi @BenOHTR, I think I'll be able to help here!


What you can do is create a modifier called "Cutlery" from your Square Dashboard. When you do, make sure to tick the box Customer can only select one modifier


Screenshot 2021-04-14 at 14.56.39.png


Once that's done, click Apply to Items. At the moment, it isn't possible to apply the modifier to a category, so you'll need to search for all the items and apply it manually from this list. 


Screenshot 2021-04-14 at 14.59.01.png


When staff members are adding the items from the Point of Sale app, the modifier would be ticked automatically so that way, they won't forget.


Image from iOS.jpeg



I hope this will help!

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Hi @tranguyen, thanks for your quick reply. I had already considered this, but it won't work I'm afraid. They need to be separate items, as I want them to go to the bar printer station, not the kitchen. Sorry, I should have been more specific - the kitchen get food tickets only, and the bar get drink tickets only. I want the bar to get cutlery tickets too, but triggered by food category items (the kitchen with the food tickets don't need to know about cutlery). The modifier approach would only work in this case if the bar had food tickets too, which I don't want to happen as it won't be very efficient.


Is my approach possible or would it not work?

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Thanks for the additional information @BenOHTR


Unfortunately at the moment, there isn't a way to have the cutlery added as an option to the bill the way you need it to be. Either it'd have to be associated with all the food items and the bar also get the food tickets or be added manually by team members the way they are now. 



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