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Hi...I notice in the 'Delivery' option the purchaser is presented with a today default time option and the only way they can change this is after payment is made. This is confusing. Most e-commerce platforms allow customers to choose the delivery timings after they have paid. 

Does anyone know how this can be improved or how to get around this?

I think with the current design many potential customers won't 'commit' to an order where they perceive they can't change the automated designated time and date before they pay (even though they can later in the process but won't be aware of this) and will drop out of making a delivery purchase

Thanks for any help.

Kind regards

James Thomas

Little Ships Restaurant and Cafe, Ramsgate, Kent, UK

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Hi @littleships, thanks for your post! This is a very popular feature request and I know our team are working on implementing this. At the moment, I don't have any exact date or timeline to share right now but I'll be sure to reach back out once I have an update from the team.


For the moments, I've seed some sellers creating an announcement banner or pop-up on their site to let customers know they can schedule their delivery at checkout. Other sellers have make create modifiers for delivery slots and let the customers select it that way.

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thank you...I have another question

When will Square be including what3words as part of the delivery choice?

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Thanks for sharing this! I haven't come across them before but I'll be sure to flag it with our Product & Partnership team for consideration. 

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We're having exactly the same issue. 


Customers need absolute clarity. 


I run a balloon delivery business with two locations. 


A customer can arrange pick up on a certain date and time however until you get to checkout stage the screens are very confusing and customers will abandon carts. 99% would not go as far as payment section before choosing a delivery date when random dates are given on screen as defalt



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