Splitting bills/ pending charges

Afternoon All,


I have recently opened a restaurant withawith about 25 tables. We use 4 square terminals alone. No iPad or square for restaurants app.


As much as I love the terminals and their functionality, the main stress for me is when splitting bills for large groups. 


Giving an example is the best way to explain my problem.


6 customers with a bill of £600. Split equally is £100 each. The first 5 customers pay and the last customer puts in their card and then decide to change card or their card is declined. This voids the whole transaction and you have to go through the whole process with all customers again. First 5 pay again and the 6th customer again, card declined. Finally all 6 payments go through.


However, the first 5 customers see 2 pending charges on their banking apps and obviously think it's gone through.(I know it hasnt and it will disappear in a couple of days) Explaining this to 6 young ladies who have had a few drinks and spent a decent amount of money is not only time consuming but upsetting to them and me. I pride the running of the restaurant on good customer service.


Bearing in mind my restaurant is a Spanish restaurant with a few staff who are not totally fluent in English it is a nightmare for them and me and the customer.


Surely there has to be a better way?? Or engineers can sort something??


Any help or improvements would be much appreciated. 





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