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Can not print a receipt with the total amount on if you receive a online order. Please help!!!

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Hi @Bonoo, welcome to the Seller Community 😊


There are a few different ways to print out a receipt for online orders. For example, you can view the receipt from your Square Dashboard > Transactions by clicking into any transaction you would like to print a receipt for. From here, you'll see a blue receipt link.


Screenshot 2021-04-07 at 14.53.54.png


If you click into this link, the receipt will open in a new tab on your web browser and you'll be able to take a screenshot or print it from your browser.


If your are checking the receipt from your Square Point of Sale app on a tablet or mobile device, and your device is connected to a supported receipt printer, you'll be able to print out a receipt from Transactions > New Receipt > Print Receipt.


Alternatively, you'll receive a confirmation email for every order with the items purchased and total. You can always print this from your email inbox OR you can take a screenshot of the orders from your Dashboard and print it out that way as well.


If none of these are applicable, can you let me know where you are printing from? 

Community Manager, Square
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