Barcode Scanner Lag - Square Stand

Hi all,

I currently have:

1st gen Square Stands + iPad Air 2s up to date with software
Zebra LS2208 USB scanners

Square for Retail


We are a small grocery store. 

My issue is there is a small amount of lag occasionally when scanning items into Square. If someone is buying 3-4 items, no problem. But when they have a whole shopping cart of items, and my cashiers are working quickly, the barcode scanners will sometimes "beep" but nothing populates to the screen. We've lost hundreds in food going out the door for free. I train my staff over and over to go SLOW when scanning, double check everything, but it's not in our best interest as a small business to make our customers wait longer than they'd have to at a "regular" grocery store. 


We switched from the Socket bluetooth scanners to the Register (v1) + USB scanners because the team kept dropping and breaking those. These new scanners are hardy! They don't break, walk away, or get lost. I'd love to keep using them, but the lag issue is driving me nuts.


Any suggestions are welcome, but here were my ideas:

1. buy new v1 Register Hubs. I read it could be a hub failure over time, and these are older units.

2. invest in the new Square Stand (and have to buy newer iPads for them all) to see if that works. 

3. invest in the Square Register (no ipad required) and hope that works.

4. get a different brand of scanner and try that out

5. your idea?


Thanks for any help, do you have issues with your scanner doing the same thing? I don't mind the occasional BEEP BEEP BEEP and having to restart Square to reconnect, but letting money walk out the door when our sales are slow is crushing me.

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