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Purchase order feature requests

We're trying to use purchase orders in Square for Retail to track our inventory purchases, but I find there are a couple things that would improve PO usability for me:


1. Ability to enter items at case price (e.g. order a case of 12 for $79.50) instead of per item. In this scenario, I'd enter case price, item count/case, and case quantity and the PO would calculate item price (with additional decimals if necessary). 

Alternatively, the ability to add additional decimal places to the per item price would work too. In my example above, the unit price works out to $6.625 each and the PO total won't match the invoice total due to rounding of 12 x $6.63. Finally, just the ability to edit/override the line item total calculation would work too.


2. A checkbox or other mechanism to acknowledge that an invoice has been received against a particular purchase order. Sometimes our vendors aren't great at sending invoices right away (or at all) so it'd be nice to have a way to verify and record that we've received the invoice as well as the merchandise. Right now I tend to delay receiving inventory against the PO in Square until I have the invoice, but that is clunky and makes my inventory off (also makes it hard to sell online when my inventory is zero but I have the merchandise).


Thanks for listening.

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