Auto-Generating Purchase Orders with Square for Retail

Hi, I'm experimenting with Square for Retail, I have the free trial, and I just can't figure out a feature. So, I grasp the Inventory Management, I have learned how to put in item costs, vendors, purchase orders, location quantities, and alerts, but I can't find how to auto-generate a purchase order, let alone how to pull up a list of items from a vendor and make an order from that.


I would like to say "I want to make a purchase order with items from this vendor that are below their alert level in stock." Nice and easy, that's all I need. Honestly, I'd take "Generate an order of items from this vendor with their stock levels attached." But I can't find a way to do either. It's really the last thing I need from Square for Retail to make it work. Without it, it just doesn't seem worth it. Everything else about it seems great, but I really need order generation. Please help!

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Hello @PhoenixPearlTea, I am a Product Manager at Square working on our inventory features. Welcome to our community and thank you for taking the time to post! Auto generating Purchase Orders is a popular feature request that we are tracking very closely. I can definitely see the benefit and time saved from incorporating this into our existing Purchase Order flow. I'd love to hear about your experience on Square for Retail as we are always looking to improve our offering based on feedback from our sellers.  I'll reach out to you via a private message on our seller community.

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18 months later, I don't suppose any progress has been made on this? Being able to automatically add items to a PO when the Low Stock Alert threshold has been triggered would be a huge help. Please advise of the status of this.

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@lior any updates?

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Hey @Trish_Yarn. Thanks for checking in! I checked in with our Retail Team and can confirm that this is still a feature request. We'll certainly post an update here if and when this changes. Thanks for your patience!

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Any update on this? end of 2020 and now using the square for Retail app.


I'd much prefer not to have another app plugged in for the inventory. Working with two stores and having to manually create purchase orders is both time consuming and can get away from you especially when dealing with 20+ suppliers weekly.

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This is a great question. I too would like the ease of being able to create purchase orders per vendor. My question to you, where are you able to put the vendor in? I have not been able to do so. Are you creating a modifier or a category to enter the vendor name?

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Nah, they JUST added the funcitonality. It's in the item creation/editing screen. If you click on the modifier (assuming there's only one), it'll pop up and ask for the vendor and cost. Keep in mind this requires the Inventory Management that comes with Square for Retail.

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