Customize payment methods on Square for Retail app

I'm trying to find where I can update the payment methods in the checkout on the Square for Retail app. I know how to do it in the POS app (Settings > Checkout > Payment Types) but the Checkout option does not appear in Settings menu on the Retail app.


Can anyone point me in the right direction?




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Hey @MattCurtis


Thanks for posting in the Seller Community 👩🏼‍💻


This is one of those weird functionalities where the Square for Retail settings actually just pulls from the Square Point of Sale settings. You'll have to download the Square POS app, make the settings adjustments for payment types, and then view them on the Square for Retail app. You may have to force quit Square for Retail to trigger the settings changes.


I hope this helps and sorry for the confusion! Good question


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Thanks @Isabelle_ 


We followed your instructions and it did work.


I get the feeling that you have different dev teams working on these apps, which is creating a disconnect between the features available in the apps. 


It's crazy that we pay for a premium service but the premium app doesn't contain all of the basic features of the free app. We shouldn't need two apps to run our POS, and it can't be efficient for you to have two dev teams maintaining two apps. On top of that, you have to field support questions from confused customers like us.


Why don't you have one app, where premium features are unlocked by a premium subscription. That would be considered best practice and help avoid customer confusion about which app we need to use.


I hope you can pass this along to whoever is responsible for your product roadmap. We've been using the service for a couple of months and while we like the product, we're concerned that we're paying for a premium service but may not have access to all features due to the disconnect between the apps.





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Hi @MattCurtis - I'm here for Isabelle today. I understand where you're coming from, and I'm more than happy to pass this feedback up the line. If there's ever any changes that take place surrounding this topic we'll make sure to keep you updated.

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