Have shop logins for square

Hi - I have built a webapp that is on tablets in shopfronts with various different retail partners. I would like for every shop to be able to log in to the square app using an individual login so that they cannot see info about my company's square account as the locations in which the tablets are are operated by businesses other than ours.


i.e. I would like each shop to have an individual login, and all of these logins to be associated with one overarching account. 


Is this possible? How do I do this? 


Many thanks! 

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I don’t think that this is possible, you can make individual logins but that would allow the restriction on global aspects such as balance/reporting etc. 

I think it’s worth double checking the T&C’s on your usage too as this might fall outside the scope of Squares terms as it could be seen as running a marketplace etc. if each company is actively using your account. 

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