Is there a way to import my inventory to square from my Wordpress site to set up my POS?

Is there an easy way to import my inventory to square from my Wordpress site to set up my POS?

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By chance, when you say your Inventory in Wordpress - do you happen to have the WooCommerce plugin installed? 


We have to do this for a Client next week and they want us to do it for like 100 of their Clients, so we need to find a good, easy way of importing. If you don't get this solved, let us know and maybe we'll have it solved by next week. 


We're an official Square Partner Company, so this is the type of thing we do all the time.


- Tom

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Hi, we currently have two locations in Square and recently designed a website using Wordpress. I have been working on Square Online to make the items that I want to feature on the website "visible" vs the "hidden" or "unavailable" options. However, when we connect the website and the Square inventory it still shows ALL of the items on the new website. Is there a way to solve this issue? Thanks!

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Hiya @Xtra101 and welcome to the Community.


I moved your post to an existing thread where another seller had the same question.


Check out the answer above and reach out to Wordpress if you're still having issues. They're a third party with us so we can't advise on anything happening from their end.

Ashley C
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So it seems that the question they are asking is how to move the inventory from Wordpress to Square. I am trying to move my part of my inventory from Square to Wordpress.

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