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I'm looking for a way to send an account statement to my customers that I invoice with Square Invoices. This would show the customer what is due and when it is due. Is this possible?

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Hi @cpcarrington, welcome to the Seller Community and thank you for this post!


There is no specific feature to send an account statement. If your customer has an unpaid invoice you can send them a reminder. If there are several unpaid invoices for the same customer, you can download a CSV file with a list of all the invoices for this customer and include a link to the invoice for each unpaid invoice. For more information please visit our Support Centre.

Community Manager, Square
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This is a must for any accounting software and as I also use Quickbooks, I do use Square to raise invoices as it is quicker. However there is not yet a link between the 2 for invoices, just transactions. So I have designed something myself that I hope to bring to the square app market that will give the function of account statements. I am not 100% sure how it will work yet as it will be a 3rd party website so I need to work out how this will link to your square account. Obviously this is what I need to work with Square on if they are happy to proceed. Just wanted some feedback on what you all think. I have a basic demo (link below). The filter part does not work yet, but the idea is to retrieve a list of customers with their invoices or transaction balances and then a print button that creates a pdf statement. This will also have the function of your own logo, address etc. Enough rambling for now, please find the link below



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Hi @cpcarrington@pak77@Emma_ and @tranguyen 


Yes, we also have a need to send account statements to our clients. This is mainly because we run an account system (which I have highlighted in another post in Seller Community) and we are responsible for keeping all our clients fully informed of their account activity and balance, i.e. payments and invoices. Currently, there is no practical way of doing this.  We are therefore also needing something like @pak77 is demonstrating via the link he has provided above; we need to send to each client his/her account activity statement on a pdf. Preferably he would be able to access his full account history via a portal so he could choose to download his statement from there also.


Crucially, the statements would need to include an option to display specific items sold and discounts applied to invoices.  This is very important.

Alex Jessey
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N.B. We use Xero and the integration tool developed by Amaka. If the integration replicated each invoice from Square in Xero exactly as it appears in Square, assigning each invoice to the corresponding client (currently, it does not as it just creates one daily summary invoice of all the day's sales, and therefore clients do not feature) then we might be able to generate the statement we require from within Xero. This would need to be carefully looked at because unless the Xero statements can show the level of detail we require, i.e. option to itemise all items sold and discounts applied, then the statements might be useless to us. 


Thank you

Alex Jessey
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Like @pak77  I have also designed a client account statement, formatted in the way we need it to be shown.


Screenshot 2021-09-15 16.59.55.png


N.B. Square needs to show Square Invoices and Square Online orders in a single statement. Currently, there is no one place to see all sales in one place. The first row in the image above is from Square Online and I've had to manually write the line in. All other rows are first generated from a Square Dashboard (Invoices) export, however, I have had to write in all itemisation of products sold and create a section for discounts and credits, as well as calculate all subtotals and end of statement balance, as none of these things are currently included in the export.

@tranguyen , can you please send this post to your product developers and raise it with them as a feature request please?

Alex Jessey
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