excluding certain items from godaddy import?

I am taking on a new product in my brick and mortar and they will not allow me to sell this product online. Is there a way to flag it in square so it does not import into godaddy? Godaddy says I have to manually delete these items each time I import and they are hundreds of sunglasses!

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Hey @jslocum855- Welcome to Square!


In Square, you can Import and Export your Item Library to exclude the item you can't sell in Godaddy. However, you will need to ask Godaddy if there is a specific format they require to import your item library. The CSV file we use in Square has a specific file format that is tailored to our system. While this workaround may not save you from manually having to add or delete every item, you will have the ability to copy and paste your library should they provide you with a similar CSV file. 


Let me know if you have any other questions. 

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