what barcode printer to use with a square terminal

We are just starting out and we have the square terminal. I can see the barcode scanners that work with it but I'm lost on what barcode printer to purchase. Does any barcode printer I purchase "like off Amazon or Office Depot" work? If not I'm not finding which square printer would work. Thanks so much.

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This should help answer your questions:


Create and Print Bar Code Labels with Square for Retail | Square Support Center - US (squareup.com)


Looks like you'll have to print them from a computer, but it does list an assortment of compatible printers.

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Hey @2familynotions - Passing by once more to edit this post. jjgard is correct, if you are interested in a barcode printer the suggestions above should work.


Let us know if you have any other questions. 

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That wasn't the original question though.  They were asking about BARCODE printers...which is not something listed on the page you linked to.

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I only see one printer model mentioned. Can you tell me which are listed in the assortment of compatible printers?

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Thank you for asking this question!!! I need scannable barcode labels as item price tags  for my store. Seems basic, but apparently not! I called support and was told the receipt printer that comes with Square Hardware/Square for Retail should also print scannable Barcode labels, but I don't see that ability listed anywhere in the help pages so I'm very doubtful.  So, as I read this response, a separate printing system along with a computer or laptop is needed. We can't print barcode labels right from the Square Register. If so, that is something Square definitely needs to improve to be truly considered an all in one system!  I suppose  any standard printer hooked to my laptop would do if I went with the Avery labels. It wouldn't be any different than printing address labels,. How do other retailers do this? I'll get what I need, just want to make sure it's all compatible!  Thank you in advance!

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We need to purchase printers for each of our locations to be able to print out barcodes for products. Which printer is the best for this? We use the Square Register and use square for retail. In the one store that we've converted already, they have a Star TSP650II that they use for their receipts, but I'm thinking I need to purchase another printer to be used for the barcode printing so that they can be ringing customers and generating barcodes at the same time. So that they are not loading and unloading different paper and labels all the time. Can someone tell me which printers I can get and or can I get one that is wifi? Thank you in advance!

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Hey @OldTownSoap,


I moved your post to a thread where this question has been answered already.

Check out the Best Answer above for details. 


In the future, don't hesitate to search your question first here or on the Support Center for your quickest answer too!

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But it doesn’t answer the question that’s the problem!!! Yes there’s  a nice general article, but no real advice. That’s why we are asking on the forum to get other seller’s experiences because we can’t get practical answers from square!!! 

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I use a Zebra 420D label printer for printing my barcodes to Direct Thermal paper labels.  I do NOT use Square to print my Barcodes.   I created my own 2D barcodes (can be 1D) with the downloadable drivers or software.   Once a barcode is created for an item, you can save it to be printed whenever you need.  The reason I went 2D barcodes is so that my barcodes would be about the same size no matter how long the SKU is.  

What you would need is a computer somewhere on site that you can connect the 420D to.  

The software and Drivers that you need to download for said printer.

Direct Thermal labels in the size you need for barcodes.


So here is what I do 

I make 50 28oz candles of Lilac

when I need Barcodes I go to my computer 

Select my Barcodes Folder

Then I select my 28oz folder

then select Lilac (after I already made the barcode)

hit print

then it asks for quantity

type in 50 <enter> 

then exit out


There are other YouTube videos of people saving and creating their own Barcodes that can be read by Square.

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Thank you very much for your response. It helps a lot!! 🙂 

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