Square Teams Clock-ins and Cash Tip Reporting

Square Teams Clock-ins and Cash Tip Reporting

Square for Teams Plus has tip pooling options (for credit card tips), which are wonderful!  Unfortunately, I do not see any way for the team members to put in their cash tip totals at clock out.  This is a big miss in my opinion.  We run as a quick service restaurant.   It should ask at clock out for the user to enter a cash tips amount.  These should be totaled for each employee next to the paycheck tips on the labor and tips report in Shifts.  Hope this makes it to the development team.  I was a developer.  There are multiple functionalities in the Square for Restaurants that need tweaking for use in a quick service setting.   I am very excited to see the tip pooling for credit card tips, just need a way to track the cash tips per employee daily and accumulate them in the reporting!   (duplicate post in Food & Beverage group)


Hi @alleycatscoffee , 


We do currently have a beta running for the Cash Tipping feature. I'd love to add you into this beta program if you are interested. One thing to note is that at this time, tip pooling is not currently available with the cash tipping feature. 


If you're interested in joining the Cash Tipping beta, please click this link below to join our Cash Tipping Beta Community Group. 


See you there! 


Status changed to: Needs Beta Testers

Moving this to needs Beta Testers as  @SQPhil noted there is a Beta running for this feature!