Automatic online service charge stopped applying overnight

2 days ago (Saturday) at my restaurant we realized that online orders were suddenly not applying our automatic service charge which was set up months ago and has otherwise worked smoothly. Looking at my past transactions, the problem began shortly after midnight on Saturday.

I checked the settings and everything still looked properly set up (I of course had not changed anything before the problem started). The service charge exists under my account settings, and is set to auto-apply to online orders for pickup. The square online (weebly) dashboard has item-level taxes enabled and everything should be working fine. But when adding an item to the cart on my site and proceeding to checkout, there was no service charge. The subtotal was the total.   


When I called tech support that day I was told that it was after hours for the online support team, so I had to wait the rest of the weekend to call back. 


Meanwhile we’ve had $2500 in online sales come through without the service charge applied. I’ve had three additional phone calls with square today, and it seems like there was a bug identified and the issue was fixed now as of Monday mid-day, but I’m still out 20% of $2500 and am waiting for a call back from account services as to how I can get that credit back from square.


Mostly wanted to post this as a heads up to other businesses - check your transactions if you have a service charge and make sure you’re not losing $$ due to square’s system glitch.

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