Buyer’s card that worked before now rejected

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My buyer’s card (which works elsewhere) is suddenly getting rejected. It worked for 4 months using square monthly automated payments. I deleted the invoice and created a new one hoping it would accept her card that way, but no luck.  Any idea what may be going one. It’s a capital one Visa card.

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Re: Buyer’s card that worked before now rejected

I have had this happen a few times and it has alway been due to one of the following reasons.  Card was canceled, (#1 happens due to possible fraud or stolen card) bank blocks it, (#2 because it flags you as suspisious), and the main one is card expired but it doesn't sound like this is your issure.   A call to the customer will find out if it is #1 and if they call the Bank/Card issuer the can find out if it is #2.  Of course there is also tech issues or going over there daily limit.

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