Customers added by square... no transaction in history


I have gone through my customer directory and taken care of the duplicates.

I have noticed four people who have been "added by square" but have no transactions in thier history. Each of the four show emails I have sent through Marketing, but there is no way for me to discern which/who these customers are. All that is listed is a first name and an initial. 


My question is a) how did these people/emails get added if there is no transaction? and b) if there was indeed an transaction, please help me locate it so I can "merge" with the appropriate customer. 


Any help here would be appreciated. 


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Re: Customers added by square... no transaction in history

Sorry for the delay here, @Stellar119


Definitely sounds like something is up with a few of the profiles. "Added by Square" will include customers that made a purchase at your business with a credit or debit card, so there should at least be one payment associated with those profiles. 


We'll likely need to look into those specific ones and have our developers investigate the issue further. Give us a call when you can so we can gather more details and get a case started. Thanks for the heads up!

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Re: Customers added by square... no transaction in history


I figured out WHY this is happening and I do not like it one little bit. Please read this entirely before attempting to respond, lots of information here. 


Here's the sceario:

John Doe comes in to pick up vitamins from me for his son, John, Jr. 

He uses his wife's card.  She's waiting in the car or whatever. 

At the beginning of the transaction, I add the son to the sale, and make certain the information I have for John Jr. is accurate. I ring John Sr., and use the card. 

HIS WIFE is added to the directory, no history, just "JANE D" even though I made certain that this transaction was for John, Jr. 
Not cool. Super confusing. 

If I catch this in time, I can go through the transaction history on the desktop, but I have to now go to the transaction, click the link at the bottom, see the receipt, note who signed (If it's legible) and see if by heaven's grace the name on the card is captured on the receipt. 
Goodness sakes if she's kept her maiden name, at least I have the entire receipt to look at. 
What a total pain in the tushy. 


And this is only *IF* I can catch it in time. 


If not, I have to look scroll through the "added by square" and use the "Sort by" and choose "Date Added" (which isn't very helpful either, not a date, just vaguely 'a month ago' or something, not the actual date), then look in the transaction history, date by date, to see if I can match who is linked to which transaction. Not the best use of my time, and terrible record keeping on Square's part. 


That's what's happened. 

Please see to it that this is fixed. I can't hardly be the only one this is happeneing to. 



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Re: Customers added by square... no transaction in history

Thanks again for providing the example, @Stellar119, I see why the extra work would be pretty frustrating. 


I'll pass on the example to our developers, but at least for the time being, this will continue functioning in this way. Whenever a card is used, a profile is created for that customer so that return visits and transactions are assigned to them. The assumption, and the norm, is that customers will be using their own payment cards.


In your example, adding a different customer to the sale first will assign the transaction to the intended profile's transaction history, so at least part will be correct, but it will not prevent the creation of a profile for the actual cardholder. For the time being at least, blank profiles that are created in this manner will have to be merged with existing profiles, or deleted. 


Thanks again for the feedback and details on this issue; very helpful. 

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Re: Customers added by square... no transaction in history

I just want to add, if an existing customer uses a new/different credit card, for instance using an AMEX where they'd used a MasterCard before, this duplication would happen, too. 
Please remedy this. 

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