Display Square POS Transaction Quantity on Digital Signage

We are looking for an automated process to display our total number of sales transactions at our full service car wash.

  • We currently do not have a digital sign provider. We will sign up with whatever solution will work for our use case.
  • We want to track daily, weekly, monthly and all-time number of transactions generated through Square POS.
  • We want this information to be displayed on a TV so our staff members can have a clear and accurate/live view on how many cars we have washed for the day/week/month/year.

I had come across a solution through Zapier a few days ago and unfortunately did not bookmark or document what I found. Does anyone have a solution for our use case here? 

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Square Community Moderator

Hi @jendy - Thanks for reaching out to us here on the Square Seller Community👋

Here is a list of the types of reports you can access for free through the online Square Dashboard. This includes Sales Summary, Sales Trends, and Item Sales. As far as displaying these reports on some kind of "screen", you can access your reports from our Point of Sale devices or from a computer online. If you have a way of connecting a computer or laptop to a larger TV monitor, then I suppose you could do that.

I also recommend connecting with our Sales Team so you can set up some time to speak with a representative who can discuss and address your business needs more in-depth if you are interested.

I hope this information is helpful but please do let me know if you have any additional questions.

Community Moderator, Square
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