Epson TM-T88V printers printing SLOW

Has anyone come across issues with printers printing slowly all of a sudden?


We use the Square Restaurant POS, and have 2 Square stands, each connected to 2 Epson TM-T88V printers via an usb cable. Couple days ago, the printers for 1 of the stations started printing very slowly. And now 2 days later, the other printers connected to the other station started printing VERY slowly. It prints out all the information we need, just at a slow speed.


We've performed various troubleshooting (making sure there's enough paper in the printer, checking the speed of the printers, uninstalling Square, making sure the apps and iOS are updated, turning the printers and stations on/off, etc.), but still no improvements in the speed. 

We contacted Epson, and run a test by connecting the printers to my laptop - the printers work fine (they print at a normal speed). If anyone came across this issue and know how to resolve it, I'd much appreciate your help!!!

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Hello @skn7520,


Welcome to the Seller Community! Great to read your first post too. 😊Aside from confirming and verifying that the app and device you use the printer with are up to date, you can try the following:


(Steps can differ slightly between Epson models, try these steps below to get you back up and running)

  1. Hold down the paper feed button while turning the printer on, this will prompt the printer to run a test print.

  2. Once the test prints, hold down the feed button for 3 seconds. You will see the “Mode Selection menu” print and you’ll see “Customize Value Settings”.

  3. To select “Customize Value Settings” press the feed button 3 times in rapid succession and the hold.

  4. Another menu will appear, select USB Interface Settings. To do so, press the feed button 11 times in rapid succession and the hold.

  5. From the next menu, select “Printer Class” by pressing the feed button twice and holding.

  6. Your settings will be saved.

  7. Restart the printer.

Hopefully this will help. I look forward to reading your reply! 


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Not what you probably want to hear, but I gave up after trying for 2 weeks with Square to make the Epson tm-30 printers work.  Square would say it was Epson printer problem, but Epson would say it was square because they printed perfectly when hooked to PC.  They would print 1-4 receipts and then just print garbage.  never got it figured out, I just went with the star ones, and smooth sailing. 



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