Feature Request: Use Square Appointments on the Square Terminal

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I just ordered a square terminal and now I’m rethinking it after some reading... I want to check out my clients and be able to keep track of sales and clients payment history but now I see I can’t use square appointments on the square terminal. I see you can open a ticket to sync but how do i add my client to that ticket that is on my schedule to check out? 


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Re: How can I view "Calendar" on square terminal?



I moved your post to our Square Appointments Feature Request board. 


Right now, this isn't available for the Terminal. There isn't a timeline currently, for its implementation. Keep an eye out for an announcement for this feature update!

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Re: Feature Request: Checkout Appointments using Square Terminal

Thank you for your post @jjkingham. I'm moving it to the Feature Request board so we can keep you updated! 


In the meantime, as a workaround, open tickets do sync between the Appointments app and Square Terminal. This means you could create a ticket from the Appointments app, open the same ticket on Square Terminal and tap Charge to complete the payment.



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No need to apologize @jamesakiss, I understand you just fine!


Unfortunately the Square Terminal doesn't support the Appointments software at this time. You'll need to use a phone, an iPad or Android Tablet. 


Thanks for your patience as we work to expand availability across all Square devices. I merged you to a thread so we can easily update you as well as others looking for the same thing. 



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Hey @Hairbyrachel. Hate to break this news, but the Terminal is not compatible with Square Appointments at this time. If you're within the 30 day window of purchasing the Terminal, you can always return it to us and look at a different option!

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Ugh! I am one of the foolish buyers who purchased the terminal w/out reading whether it would be compatible with appointments. I was hoping for a solution that would allow us to get away from using iPads but I guess I was just to optimistic.


@Nika_S is there any timeline on when this integration or functionality might be available? Unfortunately for our business it just isn't an option to have our payment system separated from our scheduling. Wish Square would have done better with this device because it is a beautiful piece of hardware. 😞


Now I have to go back to the dreaded iPads which are an overpriced POS. pun somewhat intended.

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I was wondering if there has been any updates to the square terminal so that it synchs with square appointments? I would love to use it to check out clients. I find it is confusing for people when I check them out on my phone, where they cannot see a breakdown of products and services. Thanks in advance!

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Hi there, @skinbyori! Thanks for taking the time to post your question here on the Seller Community! We are always stoked to see new faces around here.


I've gone ahead and merged your post with a similar thread of Sellers asking for compatibility for the Terminal and our Appointments feature. While there is no update to share in regards to this availability yet, merging your post will make it easier for us to update you when there is news to share.


Thanks so much for your patience here! Hopefully we will have an update soon. 

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Hi Sqaure,


Still no eta on appointment integration with terminal?

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@Nsbarc - nada, Sorry about that. 


We'll let you know though 🙂

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I'm an appointment based business and I just purchased the Terminal, not realizing it doesn't connect to the app to process the checkout. If I process a client's transaction on the Terminal, how do I then complete the appointment checkout in Appointments without it asking for payment again? I tried to open a ticket first, but there doesn't seem to be a way to open a ticket with the actual appointment. 

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Hi, I am a service based business as well, unfortunately their is no way to do that yet. This is a feature that should be added to the square terminals! 

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So do you just leave your appointments checked in on the Appointment app and process the transaction for the amount of the appointment through Terminal? I'm just trying to figure out how this works

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@renee123  Yes currently that is what I do, which is a bit of a pain sometimes. I wish they had a separate way to close the appointment from a payment and/or link a previous transaction to the appointment. @Helen & @Kassi_  is this something we can request?

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Hey there, @meggyj113


Definitely! I will go ahead and tag this as a Feature Request for our Product Team. 


Thank you for reaching out about it! 



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Is there any update on this particular issue. If there will be a solution soon?

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Hi @Mrs-hack! Thanks for reaching out and checking in on this feature. We don't have a shareable timeline or update just yet but look to have some positive news on this front very soon.


We appreciate your patience!

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@Joe Thanks for the quick reply and very excited to see it in the future. 

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@Mrs-hack 📈🙌

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Ditto to all of this!  Will be an incredible update- when this is released, how will users be informed? Should i  keep checking back on this thread or there will be an announcement when we sign into our accounts? I'm new to square so still learning how new releases are communicated to end users 🙂   



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Hi @SciortinosHair,


Thanks for the post. Normally when we launch new products or release new updates; we update this thread, send out emails, include in-app notifications, and often post content on our website. We got you covered.


Please let me know if you have any other questions by replying to this thread. 

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We're almost a year into this question, and there doesn't seem to be an answer yet. Any update on this situation? 

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Using the Terminal, that seems to be the only option right now. I started to manually check them out, and just record the payment, but unfortunately, it was being marked as a double payment, which was putting my income out of balance. I've had to "refund" the cash (recorded) payment, since the real payment was processed through the Terminal. I just don't like having an appointment not checked out though. It feels incomplete. 

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I purchased the Square Terminal for use in my salon. I looked more professional and instilled more trust from my clients when using their credit card when completing a transaction. When I began checking out clients on the Appointments app, I noticed I could not 'Save' the transaction at checkout so that I could pull it up on the Square Terminal; I had to use the reader on my phone. 


Since I have returned the Square Terminal but I would like to get it again.


The Feature Request is for the 'Save' button in the Appointments app and the ability of those saved transactions to be accessible from the Square POS 'Tickets' list.


When the client pays for their services, they would have the ability to pay with their credit card or apple device on the Square Terminal and the Appointment reflect as Transaction Complete in the Appointment App. 

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