I can't get checking setup for online account to go through

I have chosen to open a business checking account through Square. They say 2 minutes to register and I can't get mine to go through! I'm sure it's because of my address. I have 2 addresses. I have a PO box because I do not get mail delivery from the USPS. I do have a physical address too. It's telling me it can't verify my address even though it matches the address on my account. I'm going to have to go somewhere else to open an account even though I'd prefer to open on Square. There's no way to get help with my problem. This is the only place I can see to find help.

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Hey @Burromountain 

You are using your non-PO box address to open a checking account correct?


You may need to call into CS (link in my signature) and they should be able to help you set up and get started with checking  if the problem persists. 

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Check out Square support center for additional help.
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