Integrating popmenu

I use popmenu for online ordering.  They are now able to set up delivery , both inhouse and doordash.  I only use inhouse delivery.


Payments are taken thru stripe or square.  Ive been a square customer for 6 years sonthat made me very happy.


How do i integrate onli e ordering through popmenu?

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Square just added in-house Delivery and DoorDash (and Postmates) too. How much does PopMenu charge? 


Why don't you just use the free Square-Weebly site for online ordering? 


We've been working on mastering it and it's pretty cool once you learn a few tricks. Now we can set them up super quick! Here's one we're just about done with: https://cabiryani.square.site/


Let us know if you need help. If you don't have too many items, we'll do it for free. We're also an official Square Partner company. 


- Thomas

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