Low stock alert doesn't stay on

I've noticed that as I'm adding new products over the last month or so, that the low stock alert does not stay turned on, even though I turn it on every time. At first I thought I may have just missed it, but today I added a brand new item, turned the low stock alert on, clicked done, and then saved the item. When I got back to the main item dashboard view, it showed zero in stock (that is a whole other annoying issue that's been happening for a while). So I went back into the item, and it had 4 in stock (which is what I entered), but the low stock alert was turned off. Because I paid attention to it on this item, I know I didn't forget to turn it on. I have been running across a lot of other brand new items that don't have it turned on, but I always turn it on, so this seems to be a bug with the system. I've been using Square for seven years, have been entering inventory this way all the while, and have never had this many low stocks missing from items, so I know it's not user error.


Honestly, with all of the issues I've had with Square over the last 6 months, I'm really discouraged about where this company is going and what's happening behind the scenes there. I don't want to switch to another POS, but it seems like there is a general lack of care around programming/coding, and the impact changes can have elsewhere. And the canned answer we get is to contact support, but then they give you the canned answer that doesn't fix the problem, and no one seems to notice that these multiple small-ish problems, taken together, point to a much larger problem. 😩

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