Negative Inventory

I have been having issues with items going negative on some of the item variations. For example, I have a shirt that showed -1 for one of the variations (small), even though I only had one small sold; I had 2 smalls in stock, now I have one. 


Does anyone else have issues with inventory levels going negative for no apparent reason? I looked at the item sales for this past year for one of the items in question, and it should definitely NOT have negative levels based on the sales.

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Re: Negative Inventory

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@brju2013 - Sorry to hear about the trouble with your inventory! This definitely shouldn't be happening. I'd be more than happy to dig deeper into this for you. To get going, would you mind providing me with a very precise example, including timeframes? Our engineering team requires VERY detailed issue descriptions before escalating. I'd also like to try and replicate things on my end, or see if I can possibly offer an explanation. 🙂  Thanks a ton! 

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Re: Negative Inventory

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The thing is, I don't know when exactly it's happening. It has happened randomly, even if the items in question did not have any sales for the week. I only noticed because I did an item import into our big commerce website, and a CSV is generated containing errors; the error showed "The field 'inventory_level' is invalid" for several items, so I went through each of them and each had one or more variations that were negative inventory. I have only ever seen -1 for the items with the issue.


I looked at the sales history for each item, and they only showed up a few times, but not enough to make inventory go negative. For instance, one item was a hoodie. When I went to look at the inventory levels for it, it showed -1 for Small. However, looking at the sales for the entire year, there was only 1 sold, but we had 2 in stock when I entered them into the system. 


I also checked big commerce sales, and it didn't show up in any orders.


As I said, it appears to be happening at random. There really is no rhyme or reason. It just does it to random items at random times, even if we haven't sold any. This also was happening before we got our big commerce website.

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Re: Negative Inventory

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@brju2013 - Thank for the follow up. Since your inventory is integrated with BigCommerce, it could be a glitch on their side. 🤔  Have you already reported this issue to them? 

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Re: Negative Inventory

This was happening before we integrated with big commerce.

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Re: Negative Inventory

@brju2013 - Appreciate the follow up. If you can monitor this closely, and then provide a specific example when it happens again - we can definitely connect with our engineering team. Does that work? 

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Re: Negative Inventory

It happened again yesterday with several items, some of which no one ordered. One item went negative in two variants (Small and Large), while Medium went to 0. We only sold a Medium. The other items that went negative weren't even sold at all, they just went negative for literally no reason.

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Re: Negative Inventory

@brju2013 - Sorry to hear! Can you specify exactly which items these were? I'd be happy to open a case with our Engineering Team. 

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Re: Negative Inventory

An example is:


Mocha Turtle Neck Long Sleeve Tunic w/Lace Crochet


I already fixed the inventory and don't recall the other two items, but this is the one that had negative inventory for Small and Large yesterday.

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Re: Negative Inventory

@brju2013 - Thanks for confirming. I'll report this to our Engineering Team. 

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