Possible bug: payment method mixup

Hello. I am a customer of Familiars in Northampton, MA USA. Familiars is a cafe that takes its orders though a square.site. I am reporting this possible bug here, because it probably doesn't look like a bug to the Familiars people, and because I couldn't find another way to reach a human at Square.


Here's what happened. After picking my order and going to checkout, I selected Cash App as the payment method. At that time, it successfully spawned the Cash app, linked my account, and returned to the shop's checkout form. Then when I tried to submit the order, form validation failed; it wanted my contact info.


So far so good. But because I did not feel like entering my contact info, I then tapped on the Google Pay option. I had used that many times before, and remembered I didn't have to enter my contact info.


The order seemed to finish successfully at that point, after the usual few seconds' wait for background activity. Except I soon discovered that the payment was charged to my Cash account & its linked debit card!


So, there are possibly two problems here. The minor one: that I am possibly getting away with not passing in my contact info when the app or vendor or whatever might need it. The major one: the wrong payment method is charged.


I do not see a pending transaction on the card linked to my Google Pay, nor any other sign that I was double-charged.


This happened with Firefox for Android.

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This sounds like a good question for our Support team, @JustACafeCustom ️ 


They can take a look to help a shine light here - I've gone ahead and escalated a case for you so that our team can reach out by email and give you a hand here.


P.S. Welcome to the Seller Community 

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