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Square Register Logging in / out

When using the register a bar person can log in & input items for the sale they are doing but if they don't store the items and another member of staff log them out and then log themselves in the sale disappears, is this normal or am i missing a setting somewhere? Our previous POS kept the items on the relevant staff members log in which they could go back to and take payment / save to a table even if they had logged out.

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Hey @The_Sun_Inn, sorry I missed this! I'm just looking into this a bit further with our team. Just to make sure I have all the right information and can reproduce this on my end, can you let me know:

  • Do all team members have the same permission set?
  • Are they login using their personal passcode or?


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Hi @tranguyen, its fine, so the situation is this...


Team member A logs on using their personal passcode

They inputs 1 Pint of Fosters Lager & 1 Bag Walkers Crisps

Team member B logs out Team member A and completes a transaction

Team member A then logs back in but the Pint of Fosters & Walkers crisps are no longer showing in the sale

They then re-input the items to complete their sale.


With our old systems if this happened the Pint of Fosters & bag of Crisps would still be there for team member A regardless of being logged out.


Thanks Neal.


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We’ve also noticed this on our system, would really benefit and speed up service at the bar if transactions are saved to a team member’s login when they’re logged out, so multiple bartenders can work simultaneously and use the same till point

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