Square not working with WooCommerce / Wordpress

Hello! I have recently been trying to setup square for my Wordpress website but have come across a problem. First of all, I have followed all of the steps online about linking my Square account to the Square for WooCommerce plugin etc. Everything is checked as a valid payment method and the box to enter your credit card information even shows up in my checkout page (will provide a picture). The only problem that occurs is that the customer cannot actually enter the information into these boxes, it's almost like they are not actually text boxes. Is anyone able to help with this? Is there another form of verification or connection that I need to set up? Thanks! 


Link to image of checkout page: https://ibb.co/RzgXzVr 

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This could be your theme.  Temporarily switch to a default theme that comes with wordpress such as twenty twenty one or similar 

It also could be a conflicting plugin.  Try deactivating plugins one by one to see if issue resolves.

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