The link you followed has expired.

I am trying to link square with WP Easycart under settings, payments.

this used to work fine but as of recently in easycart when i attempt to connect i get the below error straight after i authenticate to Square 

"The link you followed has expired."

can anyone help?




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Square Community Moderator

Hi hi @EP_USER - sorry to see trouble has brought you to the Seller Community


If you aren't already using the documentation provided by WordPress here, we recommend checking that out. If their step-by-step guide is not getting you where you need to be, we recommend reaching out to their team by logging into your WordPress account here and submit a secure support ticket.

I found this note on their Square documentation page:

Note:  You must have an https:// secure SSL certificate in order to process live payments.  You usually purchase an SSL through your web host provider on a yearly basis.  We recommend you use the ‘WordPress HTTPS’ plugin to secure your store, cart, and account pages.

If you have a Square Online website, and are concerned this may be related to the SSL on your Square Online website, please get in touch with our team directly by logging into your Square account and heading to this page.

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