Two different phones 1 square account

My boss and I need help! She has the square account but we both use the reader on different days. We both have square on our phones and are logged in under her.  She has been using it with her phone no problems. It wouldn’t pair with my phone so I would manually enter credit cards. I finally got mine to pair with the Bluetooth and now it won’t work for her. What are we doing wrong? Is it that we can’t both be logged into the account at same time?


Hopefully someone can help us,


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Re: Two different phones 1 square account

Hey @Lauraj1!


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You can definitely be logged into a Square account on two different devices. However, you cannot have two devices paired with one reader at the same time. Does that answer your question?


I would try turning off Bluetooth and turning it back on right before you pair, and ensure that there aren't any other Bluetooth devices around that the reader could be trying to connect to. Let me know if you have any questions about this! 

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