Weebly Square Online Store Email Form Error

Hi! For the new Square Online Store with Weebly there is an issue with the email contact form.


When a user submits an email through the contact form it lists Weebly as the reply-to instead of the user's email.


To reply back to the user you have to edit the "To" and delete out noreply@weebly.com. It's a small bug but pretty annoying because I always forget to change it each reply. It'll result in an error and having to resend it.


With an actual Weebly site, the contact form doesn't do this. It automatically has the user's email in the reply-to field. Attached is an example of what happens when you reply to a contact form.


weebly email.jpg

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The no-reply email is intentional so your email does not get blocked as Spoofing by email providers. When you send an email from your private domain address, but it's coming from Weebly - so Spam filters will reject this in many cases.


Happy to pass your feedback to the team about wanting it to come from your private domain, but the purpose is there to help drive deliverability.

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Re: Weebly Square Online Store Email Form Error

Your explanation makes sense! So that I can fully understand, when I'm replying to an email I do have to edit the "to" field? Thanks!

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You shouldn't need to edit the To: field, but you may want to walk through the process by doing a test to/from yourself.

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@kellyj I just did a test and when I hit reply the To: field's email was filled with "noreply@weebly.com" which resulted in an error/bounce back. I think my inital post was a bit confusing.


If it helps, I am using Google apps for my domain's email. Here are screenshots:



After hitting "REPLY" to the test email, notice the sender's email? It shows their email as their name and their email address is noreply@weebly.com.



This is after I click on the TO: field, again, the email is noreply and the quoted part is their email when it should be their name.



Replied with a test response which sent back this error because the senders email was the noreply email. Hopefully, these photos help clear up the problem.

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Re: Weebly Square Online Store Email Form Error

Thanks for the information and screenshots @rire.


We spoke with someone on the Weebly team and it sounds like this could be a bug.


I escalated your case to Support to follow up by email and file a ticket for you with our engineers if need be.


Thanks for your patience as we look in this too. 

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