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There seems to be a problem with the Weebly platform specifically the Embed Code widget. I have been trying to add H1-6 tags to every page of my website. The only way to do that is to use the Embed Code widget. The problem is that every single time I enter the correct code and click to save(Done) and publish, the Embed Code widget breaks the code every time by adding another element/s or it takes away an element that was the original. In some cases, it adds some code in front of what I wrote and changes the element to uppercase. See the screenshots below. 

H Tag Before-After.jpg





H1 Tagissue.jpg



H2 Problem eg.jpg


H2 tag problem.jpg


H1 tag problem.jpg



Because of the Google and Bing search engines do not recognize the code as a legitimate H Tag. How long will this take to resolve??? It has been a couple of weeks now that I am trying to get a resolution to this.

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Re: h1 tags

Hey @MuseBelts-


Our API team isn't familiar with the embed code widget. They said it would be best for you to reach out to Weebly Support so they can check into this for you.

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Re: h1 tags

I have been waiting for about 2 weeks now for a reply from Weebly's support. The phone staff has no idea since it is a high-level issue. The supposedly sent it to another higher level support. I have contacted them numerous times with no answer. Hence the reason I post this here. I am already searching for another web platform. Tech support is lacking since they bought Weebly. Whoever is responsible. This response time is ridiculous.

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Re: h1 tags

Nika, Weebly tech support is terrible. It has been more than a month and I have contacted them more a dozen times, either by phone, chat and email. I have a website created more than 4 months ago that is dead in the water SEO-wise. Weebly support is horrible. You can even go on Weebly's Facebook page and see others that are unhappy as well. 

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Re: h1 tags

Hello MuseBelts, were you able to find a solution to your problem? I am having the same issue with bing webmaster tools. 

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Re: h1 tags

Funny you write this when it was a Bing Webmaster tech that informed me of the problem.


Outside of finding another website platform, I have found no solution. I have been trying to resolve this problem for 5 months. The last I was told was that my case number was elevated(2x times). Basically they told me something that I wanted to hear when in fact Square/Weebly is doing nothing and have no intentions in fixing the Embed Code Widget. Which puzzles me. Why buy a website platform for $365 million and not fix the problems?


Over the past 5 months several low-level Weebly tech support suggested using one of the apps in the Weebly App store to inject H tags. The problem you will also find is that ALL Square/Weebly website owners have NO access to any of the Apps in the Weebly App store. Try it for yourself. Try to upload anyone of the Weebly Apps and you will get rejected. You will not have access to any of the Apps. And no one at Weebly will tell you why.


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Re: h1 tags

Ugh, this is so discouraging. Hope weebly, square and bing take this seriously, someone needs to do something about this. Thanks for the update though, it is saving me "5 months of efforts" to figure this out. Best of luck with your business.

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Re: h1 tags

Bing takes their work seriously. Bing Webmaster merely provides services for those that want to build a brand, like yourself and I, to gain in search ranking. They give advice. They point out weakness in your website. It is Square/Weebly that apparently isn't doing anything to fix the problem that Bing pointed out.

Without proper legitimate H tags your SEO is dead in the water. I am going to drop Square/Weebly soon. I am looking at other platforms that have it together. 

Good luck as well.

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