Re: "No Internet Connection" Message, but WIFI is on....?

I've been having the same issue 1-3x/day every other day or so for a few weeks.  My app is on an ipad w/out cell data and we use a jetpack for the wifi.  The wifi shows connected, all bars and is working fine- but the app won't connect.  I've tried all the tips listed above- unfortunately today, I had to run numerous transactions offline. I will try to connect to another wifi and hope that it will somehow connect. Very frustrating in a busy coffee stand! Any other ideas? 

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Re: "No Internet Connection" Message, but WIFI is on....?

I can imagine @GroundedEspress


Did you try deleting and reinstalling the Square app?


Remember, if your device is in Offline Mode, don’t delete and reinstall the Square Point of Sale app. Pending offline payments will be permanently lost and the funds will not be captured if the app is deleted. Please wait until all offline mode payments have been uploaded. 


At the end of the day, if there aren’t any pending offline payments on your account, you can delete the app, reinstall it, and log back into your account with your email address and password.


Please let me know. 


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Re: "No Internet Connection" Message, but WIFI is on....?

ive had this same thing happen to me on my Samsung tablet that has cellular data, my spotify works all day everyday day but my square app is telling me it’s not connected to the internet, if I connect my phone to the reader (apple) it works straight away. It’s really frustrating!

i have done all the steps and deleted the app but still is only working intermittently.

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Re: "No Internet Connection" Message, but WIFI is on....?

I have been getting the same annoying problem for the last two weeks. This never happened before (I used square for 2 years). The problem will temporarily fix for a payment or two, only after force quitting the app and restarting. Then after a couple payments it has the internet connection issue again. My phone is running on 4g and internet is working perfectly fine. Definitely not my phones internet issue.


I have tried logging off and logging in again to resolve the problem - didnt work

I have tried uninstalling the app and reinstalling to start from scratch - didnt work


So far I had to have customers payments failing (due to internet issues) and them checking their bank app to make sure the payment didnt go through for them THEN I had to restart the app to get the payment through.


Square, please get this issue fixed as soon as possible, as we have a busy month ahead.

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Re: "No Internet Connection" Message, but WIFI is on....?

Update:  I bit the bullet and installed internet instead of using a jet pack.  Since then I have had no connection issues.  I think the cell service/jet pack just wasn’t right in this location for square to work properly.  


Frustrated I’m paying more for internet, but thankful the headaches of not being able to process transactions is resolved.  

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Re: "No Internet Connection" Message, but WIFI is on....?

I am having to force reset every few transactions.

It appears to mostly happen when there is a gap between transactions. I have stopped the phone from sleeping which has helped but not fixed the problem.


Tonight I was unable to resolve the issue, force stopping the app, resulted in it being unable to reconnect to the reader.


Had to let the customer leave without paying, because after five minutes their patience had expired. So is mine.

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Re: "No Internet Connection" Message, but WIFI is on....?

This problem has not been resolved.


We see it on 3 phones and two Tablets.


None of the devices have lost internet connection, however the square app erroneously thinks they have and requires a force stop to recover itself.


Since this problem has been occurring for months, it 's evident square have no interest in address it.


Therefore it cannot be relied upon as a POS terminal.

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Re: "No Internet Connection" Message, but WIFI is on....?

Hey @bentwonk - Really sorry you're dealing with this. It's a bit odd that several of your POS devices are having trouble connecting to the internet. We haven't heard recent reports of the POS app having connectivity issues but that doesn't mean we cannot take a deeper look into things. 


Mind reaching out to Support so they can gather more info and escalate to Engineering if need be? @IsabelleM included steps to reach us in her post above. Come back and let us know how it goes. 

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Re: "No Internet Connection" Message, but WIFI is on....?

I am also no seeing an issue similar to you office roommates,

Recently bought a Samsung Tab A to act as the POS, each time the tablet goes to sleep it loses connection with the reader, and cannot reconnect to the reader, it keeps getting 'connection error'/


Only solution seems to be to tell Square to forget the reader, reset the Square, and then add it back as a new reader.


This happens with both our readers, so I think it's the tablet software.


Given how unreliable the software is it would be great to have a seperate reset button and connect buttons on the reader, instead of having to press and wait in front of the customer for the reader to take its sweet time to flash orange or red.

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Re: "No Internet Connection" Message, but WIFI is on....?

Hi, I'm very interested in any updates to this thread, because I have been having the same problem.  As I put a transaction through, it claims it has no internet connection, but as soon as I click "try again" it goes through.  It happens about half the time.


My office roommate has been having a different problem of her "device can't connect" (the reader). We both began having problems in November and despite numerous troubleshooting attempts have been unable to resolve. She even bought a new reader and that doesn't work.


Any updates to this topic?

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