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AODA Standards

We are now being requested to comply with AODA Standards, specifically referencing the need for high-contrast, and bold fonts - for visually impaired employees.




This is not new and unfortunately is now urgent as this is both a provincial and federal law that is being enforced.


I do not see any settings either in the online dashboard or within either the POS or Appointments apps, that will allow companies using Square in Canada to comply with the AODA Laws.


To do a partial mediation of this, I have created high-contrast images for items that we can set for the buttons for items that are stand-alone items. However, since we cannot have all items on their own, items need to be grouped into categories and those categories act as buttons - for which we cannot set images.


Additionally, for those items that we do create the high-contrast, images used for buttons, the text that appears below for the name of the item interferes with the image and covers 1/3 of the image - so we need to be able to turn this off - so that the image button is wholly seen by the user.


Please advise.

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