Acuity disconnected my payment processor (Square) without notifying me, cost me over $1000 in sales

I've been using Acuity with Square for years and almost never have issues with Acuity's processing (it's mostly with the lack of functions).


However, yesterday I put an ad up for my business and surprisingly did not get many bookings from it. Today I get an email from a client saying she is unable to book an appointment. I tried to book the appointment myself and confirmed the error that said "Error: Unable to authenticate with Square to process this payment. The business must reconnect to Square to process payments." I logged on to Acuity and fixed this in literally 5 seconds, but all the potential bookings I lost last night and this morning are gone. I don't understand why this happened and it's even more baffling why I did not get an email notification of this, you would think a business being unable to take online payments would be something the business owner should know about. I'm really upset right now.

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Hey, there. I'm really sorry to hear the frustration regarding your Acuity connection. I would be really upset about it as well. Have you checked with Acuity to see if they have any answers to provide for you? We would not have unlinked your account on our end and always advise that the seller reach out to the partner involved if there are issues. Unfortunately, Square does not have insight into partnership troubles.

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Ack--that sounds incredibly frustrating. I have had this happen a couple of times but got notifications from Acuity with instructions on how to fix the issue. I have another question as to why the disconnect is happening and if there's anything we can do to prevent it. Did you ever find out anything useful?

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Hey @FBFV,


Sorry to hear that! Glad you're at least getting notifications from Acuity, but ideally this wouldn't happen at all.


I've personally not heard of any news regarding this issue and can't find any reference to it internally - have you filed a support ticket with Acuity at all and have they given any insight? 3rd party integrations are made and managed by the companies that build integrations with Square so unfortunately we don't have insight into how they work and if anything is going on in the back end there. I'd be keen to know if there's any reason this keeps happening as well, I imagine it's a technical issue of some nature, but am unsure what would be causing it to happen.

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So... how did you fix it?  I'm running into same issue.... but my Acuity payment integration to Square says that I'm connected.  If I disconnect, it warns me that I will lose all monthly subscriptions which is no good.  Currently dead in the water, and Acuity support is less than quick.

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