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***BUG re DELIVERY FEES and quickbooks app



I have exhausted every option regarding this bug I found with the new delivery fees and syncing to the Square quickbooks app.

I have reached out to both square and quickbooks and no one has been able to help as this is apparently an engineer thing??


Here is the issue and I have proof to back up this claim if anyone from Square is willing to help!
In Quickbooks, most of my square transactions are not matching up to my square deposits into my bank account. It’s always off by a couple of cents and this started in JUNE. Hence, I have a whole bunch of Square transactions not finding a match in my Quickbooks
I started to look through each of my transactions to see if there is any different between the transactions that are finding a match and the ones that do not find a match…. and I found this!
All the ones that did NOT find a match had a  “service fee” charged for that day, which is the delivery fees being charge on my online shop.
All the transactions that DID find match, did not have this “service fee”.
Then I made the connection that the “service fee” (which is the delivery fee for my online shop) started charging per delivery in June!! And this is when the issue started.
Therefore, I believe there is some sort of rounding issue that is happening which is stemming from the service fee. I have taken down my delivery service on my online shop to prove this point and this issue in Quicksbook has stopped. I have proof to back this issue up and would love someone from Square who can help me fix this problem to please contact me. I would love to add delivery back on my shop without having a problem with my quickbooks app.
Please help!
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