Credit Card Refund

Why is a refund on Credit Card not included on deposit for that day of sales and is lumped with previous day sales. It's making us be way short on our reconciliation for the day sales on the first day, and then way over on the next day. Let's pretend - On our sales for Day 1 (say) it says that we took in $5 on credit card. On Day 2 it says we took in $8 and we refunded $1. But when the bank transactions hit, everything for Day 1 totals $4 and everything for Day 2 totals $8 - so the credit card refund gets pushed over to be lumped with the credit card deposit for the previous day's sales. This is INSANE. The reporting and the actual bank transactions do not match up. I've contacted Support about this before, "that's just the way it is" is the response.
Please hear, Square, my staff curse you because of this because it takes the forever to figure out how to "cook the books" to make everything line up with how your reports are and with what matches what you sent to the bank. Do you not have ANY accountants working for you? Do you not have any retailers working for you who would tell you that this is just the WORST way of dealing with refunds?
Make your reports match daily sales and refunds to what you actually send to the bank on that given day.

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Re: Credit Card Refund

I'm sorry for the frustration this is causing @malibuclub. So I can help, it would be great if you could reply here to let me know which report(s) you and your team use to reconcile deposits? 

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